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Collaboration & Promotional Design:
a Process Approach
  Collaborative, Design Process from the Perspective of Chi:

What? ...It's about discovering how your intrinsic life force, or Chi, seeks to express itself through your work in the world. Following threads of enthusiasm, passion, joy and excitement to collaboratively develop ways of presenting a new, inspired vision of your enterprise on the Internet; in a way that engages others in the spirit of fun and curiosity.

Process, Awareness & Discovery

Because of the limitless potential Nature offers, to inform and inspire this kind of discovery process, meetings are often held hiking wooded trails in West Marin County, California. Walking across the Earth, surrounded by natural sunlight, fresh air, soaring birds and abundant plant life. Our beings are vitalized, enlivened, energized, nourished and stimulated in deep, expansive ways. In this environment, new visions and ideas often arise spontaneously that are "outside the box" of our customary existence.

Many experience new insight into unanswered questions or recognize new direction for conveying their passion and enthusiasm through the web. This is a process approach. Together we explore River and discern possibilities.


  Combining a background in Psychology, Process Work, Promotional Design, T'ai Chi instruction and a deep resonance with the Natural World, Jacob Barnett brings a clear recognition of human existence as Nature, and the vital role our relationship to Nature plays in the creative process.
Contact: Jacob Barnett